Claire Fulton Ray

Content Writer, PR Consultant and Marketer

Nearly two decades ago, Bill Gates declared “Content is King”, and so it has been ever since. Authentic, well-constructed, compelling website content communicates your brand’s ethos to potential customers, whilst also helping you to increase website traffic by gaining rank on Google. Without great content, websites get lost among the competition.

It wasn’t too long ago that businesses would spend their marketing budget on beautifully-designed websites, but populate it with self-written content. Google feeds on fresh, quality content, and savvy business owners now realise the importance of employing a content writer who is skilled in weaving words seamlessly into their website to optimise it for search engines.

Content is what powers your website on the web – without compelling, professional content your beautifully-designed website won’t ‘work’. Just like a rowing boat without oars.

Creative Content

Swimming against the tide of dry and apathetic content writers out there, I pride myself on harnessing my love of language to provide content which sparkles with passion, eloquence and creativity. I relish the chance to transform my clients’ ideas and concepts into coherent, engaging and functional narrative to help their businesses fly.

I have been a content writer for nearly ten years and specialise in creating online content for lifestyle brands with a focus on travel, property, fashion and interiors. No two brands are the same and capturing the unique tone and voice of a brand is my speciality.

Working with international brands who have something big to say, as well as giving a voice to small businesses striving to be big businesses, I have a wealth of experience as a content writer.

Whether you’re looking for magnetic website content, a strategic blog writer or shareable social media content, I am adept at turning my ‘pen’ to a vast range of subjects as well as helping brands with their public perception and tone of voice. Get in touch to see how I can make the story of your brand come alive…